Each unique scent has been chosen for its beautiful smell and to provide several benefits to your health and state of mind. A scent can control your mood, your memory or show off your personality. When you smell something you like it makes you happy, it relaxes you, it brings back wonderful memories. Choose Lavender if you are looking for the perfect stress release. Plum Rose creates a loving feeling. Lemongrass is soothing and creates balance. The smell of Sandlewood promotes calming of the body and mind. Each scent is created to enjoy some alone time or to sit around with family and friends. Each helping in its own unique way.



The day can be very stressful running from one thing to the next. You are unable to sleep at night because you are exhausted. There are countless amounts of people who are taking sleeping pills or medication to help them relax and de-stress. People are now turning to aromatherapy. See all our fragrances and see how each scent can help you.

  • Lavendner can slow the brains activity

  • Ginger stimulates the appetite and relieves inflammation thoughout the body

  • Sandlewood promtes calming of the body and mind

  • Lemongrass helps with stimulation and relaxation

  • Mandarin helps with your state of mind, uplifting your outlook

  • Apple - research has suggested that the smell of the crisp fruit may actually help ease a migraine.


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